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Refund and Returns Policy provides digital services, and we kindly request all our customers and other parties to carefully read our refund policy. offers a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. If you find that did not deliver what was promised during the purchase within your first 30 days of service, please contact our support team via the contact us page or write an email to our team. Additionally, if orders are deleted or depleted within 30 days for any reason, we will assist you in obtaining a complete refill of the service you have purchased. However, we regret to inform you that we will not consider any refund requests after 30 days under any circumstances.

Our customer success manager will review your request to determine if it’s eligible for a refund. However, please ensure that you fully understood what you were purchasing when making a payment and did not misunderstand services for other things. Once our team confirms your eligibility for a refund, your refund will be processed within 3-10 business days. Please note that refunds will be issued to the same bank account that was used during the original payment.

Please be aware that once 30 days from the original payment date have passed, you will not be eligible for a refund on any account. By registering with, you agree to adhere to our terms of service and accept responsibility for all charges made in accordance with your plan.

Note: is committed to fairness for all clients, and no exceptions will be made under any circumstances.

We also do not tolerate rude behavior. In the event of such behavior, we reserve the right to reject your refund request entirely.

As our service is digital in nature, we track delivery information on our servers to ensure fairness and honesty to our customers. We also encourage our users to provide proof for non-delivery.

The team will make every effort to address your concerns before processing a refund. Store credits will be offered to all customers as the first option.

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